Knocking over the first domino is often the hardest.

It is human nature to want routine and stability. Our minds and body are most at ease when we are prepared for what comes next. In our personal and business lives almost everything we do is to organise and plan so that we are never out of our comfort zone.

Triggersparks is a catalyst for change. We seek to explore the unknown in your personal and professional lives and take you out of this comfort zone. It is only the fear of change which holds many people back, and the dynamic nature of business in this modern world demands change.

We specialise in helping those that have great ideas and passion about wanting to build something new, and also those that already have an established business but want to push it to the next level.

Our philosophies and experience are deeply rooted in business and psychology and we employ every available technique and method to help you sail into unchartered waters. We believe these sorts of relationships only are fruitful if both parties are a good fit for each other so all of our initial consultations are complimentary to explore this.

Have a look through our website and if any of our services or programs are of interest to you go to our contact page and get in touch via email, phone or fill out our form and we will be in touch.