Rudy is Rudolph the red nosed reindeer.

Due to the constant pressure of Christmas every year Rudolph began drinking as a coping method. What started as a monthly binge many years ago soon developed into a round the clock dependency. After many years of abuse Rudolph once beautiful face began to show the often first tell tale sign of alcholism, a red nose. 

This only exacerbated the situation as come Christmas time as all the other reindeers started in with the jokes and snickers behind his back and some of the more spirited, like Vixen, directly to his face. Playtime was a lonely time. Rudolph spiralled even further into dependancy and unfortunately he hit rock bottom one foggy December 25th when even Santa noticed, and made him go out front as punishment.

Rudolph began attending AA everyday to keep his alcoholism under control but no matter how hard he tried once his reindeer duties were over on Christmas Day he often went on a bender. Usually post New Years he would come back to AA and the cycle would begin again for another year.