Watch “The Speed Cubers”

So you may or may not know that Netflix is spending almost 90% of it’s revenue on content, which means it absolutely sees the need to produce content as well as buying it.

This means by backing a wide variety of styles, producers and topics some things that they produce will miss the mark, and some of them will be little gems.

One such little gem is called “The Speed Cubers“.

On the surface it is a story about the cult like world of people that train to solve rubiks cubes at speed, be it the original 3×3 that we all know, or a wide variety of even more difficult cube challenges (eg 4×4, 5×5). There are even challenges using one hand or your feet!

To give you a quick insight there are hundreds of complex algorithms that contestants must memorise based on the appearance of each face.

The sub plots of this awesome piece of content are what makes it great as it talks about what it’s like to have an autistic child, being a great parent, being humble as both a winner and loser, friendship, following your passion and what it takes to be a world champion.

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