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This journey began with the idea that there is so much junk advertising in our face everyday that if you could invent the perfect way to engage with people then a lot of the waste could be eliminated.

Think about it, search for something on the internet, turn on the TV or radio or even just walk around, there are hundreds if not thousands of companies trying to interrupt you and get your attention. Sadly colloquially 99% of all such advertising is ignored or wasted and simply serves as an annoyance.

This sort of unsolicited advertising got so out of control in Sao Paulo they passed the “Clean City Law” to remove all ostentatious outdoor advertising.

Screen Dopamine seeks to solve this by creating a marketplace where on one side people agree to engage with products and services matched to their profile for a reward and on the other any type of business can convey a message.

The reason for its effectiveness is in the psychological blocking mechanisms which are circumnavigated when people actually get to control when and where they engage with advertising. The end result is that the messages are retained longer and are clearer in their mission.

Screen Dopamine was an iAccelerate resident 2016-1018 and received a $150k investment on a valuation of $1m in 2017 from venture capital company Artesian.

UPDATE NOV 2019 – At it’s peak it retained 20000 users and over 200 businesses but sadly closed it’s platform in 2019 as it was unable to secure a 2nd round of investment.

The founders are working on its revival in a new format in 2020 and beyond!

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